Ring-shaped protein complex wrangles DNA

Ring-shaped protein complex wrangles DNA

IMAGE: This picture exhibits your complete construction of a bacterial condensin complex, as computationally predicted by researchers at Rice University. Condensin is a member of a household of proteins which have…
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Credit: Dana Krepel/Rice University

Biological physicists at Rice University have a brand new mobile mechanics principle that rings true.

The Rice lab of José Onuchic has decided the construction of the condensin protein complex. The work settles the controversy over whether or not the complex is a single ring that lassos two double strands of DNA or a molecular “handcuff” composed of two related rings that every wrangle a double strand.

The crew led by Rice postdoctoral researcher Dana Krepel used a set of state-of-the-art evaluation instruments to make the decision: It’s a single ring.

Their work is step one towards understanding the exercise of proteins over the construction of chromosomes all through mitosis and all phases of the cell life cycle. That understanding will assist scientists discover ways to higher deal with genetic illnesses, together with most cancers.

The outcomes of the Rice crew’s two-year research seem within the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Condensin does what the phrase suggests: It helps condense the chromosomes into the cell’s nucleus. Recent analysis has demonstrated that condensin and its protein accomplice cohesin extrude DNA. But till now, no one has settled on how condensin proteins come collectively into their practical varieties.

Krepel began her evaluation from bacterial condensin complexes made up of 5 subunits, together with two structural upkeep of chromosomes (SMC) proteins that come collectively as a hinge and lengthy kleisin proteins that make up the remainder of the ring. Complexes in human eukaryotic nuclei – a goal for future evaluation – are much like their extra archaic counterparts.

Krepel pieced the puzzle collectively by combining and evaluating present information in regards to the atomic buildings and genetic sequences of the person proteins. The buildings got here from obtainable X-ray crystallography of protein fragments, and sequence info by way of direct coupling evaluation (DCA), a statistics-based program launched by Onuchic and his colleagues in 2011 that compares amino acid residues in proteins that coevolve.

“We used DCA to deduce coevolving pairs of amino acids, and we had little bits of protein fragments from experiments,” Krepel stated. “That was place to begin, after which we needed to put them collectively like a puzzle. We wished to get a full construction and settle the battle over whether or not it is a single or double ring.”

Knowing how proteins evolve collectively was key. “This is a modular mechanism fabricated from many proteins,” stated Rice postdoctoral researcher and co-author Michele Di Pierro. “It’s simpler to crystallize one protein, however it’s very troublesome to determine the construction of this complete complex. That’s why it was supreme to have a look at coevolution, which lets us get details about the complex even when we do not have the construction.”

“Coevolution is principally about pure choice,” added Ryan Cheng, additionally a postdoctoral researcher and co-author of the paper. “As you get random mutations, sure interactions have to be preserved to maintain the perform of that complex.”

“We count on that the place these two residues come collectively and match, they will evolve collectively,” Onuchic stated. “If this one makes a mutation and has a foul response, the opposite one has to compensate. Dana requested if can we get this sequence info along with small crystal buildings and decide these gigantic buildings, and it turned out that we are able to.”

Onuchic’s group at Rice’s Center for Theoretical Biological Physics (CTBP) has revealed a sequence of papers that reach its theories on protein folding to the a lot bigger genome. He expects ongoing work will finally reveal condensin’s mechanisms. “These issues must condense the chromosomes,” he stated. “People know that. But no one is aware of how they do it.”

Onuchic stated research by others counsel the versatile hinge might assist open and shut the ring, serving as a gate that enables DNA strands out and in, a course of additionally hinted at by the Rice research. But with out realizing the place of each molecule within the complex, there isn’t a solution to utterly perceive its perform and dynamics.

“We know the condensin complex is concerned, as a result of for those who take away it, mitosis would not occur,” he stated. “But no one understands the mechanism. Now that we now have this construction, we now have the primary shot at understanding the molecular particulars.”


The National Science Foundation and the Welch Foundation supported the analysis. Onuchic is the Harry C. and Olga Ok. Wiess Chair of Physics and a professor of physics and astronomy and of chemistry and of biosciences, and co-director of the CTBP.

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